Cal-Organic Original Series

Handled With Care

A docu-series profiling the people, process and passion behind the best organic produce in the country.

Episode one


The foundation of organic farming.
“Organic farming is a wave of the future. We’re being more careful about what we put into our bodies. We’re eradicating toxins and regenerating the earth as a result. I am happy to be a part of it.”
- Zoe Tucker, Compost Manager

Fertile soil provides essential nutrients for healthy plants. Certified organic ground is free of synthetic materials which promote biodiversity and preserve natural resources.

Episode two


Cultivating our crops the organic way.
“Beneficial insects play an integral role in protecting our crops. We promote the insect populations that Mother Nature has given us.”
- Kim Horton, Agronomist

Organic farmers use natural controls to protect crops from pests, weeds and disease. Cover crops, beneficial insects and crop rotation help support a healthy ecosystem.

Episode three


The full circle of family farming.
“We have an utter respect for nature. Making sustainable decisions to help preserve our land is very important because I want to make sure that my children and my grandchildren are able to produce on the same land that I farm.”
- Alex Sanchez, Ranch Unit Director
Cal-Organic Kitchen

Recipe Videos

Fresh, organic ingredients, from our farmers’ hands to yours.


Kale Toast


Grilled Rainbow Carrots with Cilantro Parsley Chimichurri Sauce

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