Energy - Solar FarmCal-Organic Farms employs sustainable practices in the field, the packing house, and even on the store shelf. As stewards of some of the most productive farm land in the country, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. We are constantly improving methods to minimize water, energy, and fertilizer use while optimizing crop yields and soil health. Cal-Organic continues to create innovative farming methods and technologies that help reduce environmentally harmful materials in the soil, air, and water. We will continue to strive for ways to reduce waste, save energy, and utilize more renewable resources. Our sustainability practices are ongoing and evolving, but some highlights include:Energy

  • Implemented energy-efficient practices and technology to minimize use of fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Converted to energy-saving LED lighting throughout our facilities
  • Replaced metal halide lamps, which contain lead, with lead-free fluorescent tubes
  • Received 2011 PG&E Clean and Green award for energy efficiency and environmentally progressive business practices
  • Received 2012 Kern Green Energy Efficiency and Conservation award
  • Expanded solar farm to a 4.75-megawatt system to help power production facilities
  • Improved energy efficiency of high-volume air conditioning and compressed air systems

Farming -irrigation_resizedFarming and Processing

  • Implemented pivot irrigation and pressure-sealed Certa-Set® pipes to use less water than sprinkler or furrow irrigation
  • Manages soil through an effective crop rotation and cover crop program
  • Installed emissions controls on all tractors
  • Reduced air pollution by enrolling forklifts in the California Air Resources Board Large-Spark Ignition Program
  • Replaced diesel engines with electrical motors to further reduce air pollution

Green Waste Initiative

Waste is found in many forms including solid waste, hazardous waste, water, air emissions, energy and human resources. A significantly more productive, efficient, and 5Ps Verified logosustainable future can be reached using the theory and practical application of Zero Waste. Zero Waste is an ideal goal that eliminates the linear production style and replaces it with a closed-loop industrial and cultural cycle. A Zero Waste Strategy can lead to the prevention and reduction of all types of waste in addition to supporting environmental sustainability. Our efforts to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill status are extensive, ongoing, and evolving but some highlights include:

  • Recycle fluorescent tubes to prevent landfill contamination
  • Recycle used stretch wrap, bags, plastic films, irrigation drip tape, and all recyclable office products
  • Recycle cardboard boxes from suppliers and damaged produce cartons
  • Recycle scrap stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Partner with processor that converts used waxed cartons into fire logs
  • Partner with processor who specializes in composting to recycle any of the Company‚Äôs organic goods such as broken pallets, wood, waste produce, weeds, and field waste
  • Partner with BARC who supplies recycling receptacles in all of our sheds, offices, and plants allowing us to recycle any other additional materials including packaging straps, cans, cups, and other paper materials

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