Where We Grow

We grow our organic produce in a variety of regions in California to ensure ideal growing conditions year round. We transition growing areas throughout Central and Southern California to ensure just-picked produce are delivered to our customers for every season.

San Joaquin Valley

Bakersfield, CA and its surrounding areas (including areas such as Modesto, Lost Hills, Hanford, Wasco, and Shafter) define the Central & Southern San Joaquin Valley. This all-encompassing area is considered the “Mecca” of carrot production. The consistent mild weather of the spring and fall months, combined with its sandy loamy soils, is our only growing region that provides two harvest seasons: spring and fall. This just so happens to be why the major carrot companies choose Bakersfield, CA as the place to house their carrot production facilities.

Cuyama Valley

The Cuyama Valley is the “gem” of all production areas. Nestled 65 miles west of Bakersfield in an area where northern Santa Barbara, southern San Luis Obispo, southwestern Kern, and northwestern Ventura counties intersect, is this sparsely inhabited area known as the Cuyama Valley. At 2,500 feet elevation, this valley is primarily composed of nutrient-rich soils that are perfect for vegetable production. The warm, dry days and cool nights, which are influenced by the summertime coastal inversion, provide the optimal growing conditions for most vegetables. This area provides the perfect solution during the extreme heat of the summer months.

Cummings Valley

The Cummings Valley has extremely rich soil making it the perfect location for farming. More specifically, Tehachapi, located between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert, is one of the most prolific organic producing agricultural areas in the state of California. At over 4,000 feet, Tehachapi is a pristine environment producing amazing vegetables. Known for its four-season climate, Tehachapi provides us with the ideal growing conditions to produce our summer crop of organic vegetables as well as being home to our greenhouse.

Coachella & Imperial Valleys

As our southern-most California growing regions, the Coachella and Imperial Valleys provide bountiful winter vegetable crops. This is a desert area east of Los Angeles and extends southward to the Arizona border. Due to the mild winter temperatures in these regions, the area provides the ideal conditions throughout this September to May growing season. This region gives us the greatest percentage of both warmth and sun during the winter growing season. In fact, many people migrate from the colder northern regions during the winter months to experience this relatively mild weather.

Antelope Valley

The Antelope Valley is a valley located between Bakersfield, CA and Los Angeles, CA on the western tip of the Mojave Desert. It is situated between the Tehachapi and the San Gabriel Mountains. At 2,500 ft elevation, this growing region protects us from the extreme summertime heat experienced on the San Joaquin Valley floor. Although the daytime temperatures reach the mid-90’s, the nighttime temperatures cool to the low 60’s due to the higher elevation, which allows the vegetables to rejuvenate during the cooler nights. This location provides us harvest times during the July – October months.