Cal-Organic Commitment

Our success lies in our ability to capitalize on our knowledge of sustainable farming, our passion to provide the best service for our customers, and our sense of responsibility to preserve the planet. Our goal is to set the highest quality standards for the industry and ourselves and then exceed them. We advocate a team approach to grow our business, from the field to your dinner table. Cal-Organic maintains an informal work environment where creative thinking, respect, family values, and camaraderie are promoted. We realize and acknowledge that our co-workers are just as much a representation of who we are as the produce we sell. We recognize that our company’s growth is directly correlated to how well we fulfill our pledge. It is our character, our consistency, and our caring that makes us unique and ultimately Cal-Organic.

Cal-Organic History

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Starting with a quarter acre of lettuce back in 1984 and an idea of doing things differently, Danny Duncan formed Cal-Organic Farms. More than three decades later, we have taken the business to include approximately 60 different year-round and seasonal vegetable and fruit items. Today the business has grown to thousands of certified organic acres. It still remains family owned and operated, while promoting family values and integrity every day. Cal-Organic works hard to prove personal service and to find solutions for all of our customers’ needs. Our goal is to constantly advance the technology of organic agriculture to the highest levels and to provide you with finest quality organic produce all year-round. Our headquarters are located in Lamont, California at the southern most end of the pristine San Joaquin Valley, 15 miles southeast of the city of Bakersfield. The San Joaquin Valley is known as one of the world’s premier agricultural growing regions. The bounty of sun and good weather in Lamont allows us to continue the tradition of quality that we are known for. We also farm in some of the most beautiful and richest soils outside of the Southern San Joaquin Valley, enabling us to provide you with year-round supplies. These areas include the Tehachapi, Cuyama, Coachella, Antelope and Imperial Valleys. Cal-Organic has been dedicated to organic farming and maintaining a balance with nature for over 30 years. As one of the select organic farms in California’s Southern San Joaquin Valley, we are very proud of our rich organic farming heritage.